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The Black Decree

Found in Black_Decree_69.abc from the Steve Merrony abc collection
The Black Decree - staff notation
X: 0
T: The Black Decree
Z: Traditional
Z: Copyright © 2003 by Douglas D. Anderson
Z: Released To The Public Domain
L: 1/4
M: 3/4
Q: 1/4=100
V: P1 name="Staff"
%%MIDI program 1 19
K: F
[V: P1]  F | A/ B/ c3/ d/ | c/ A/ G3/ B/ | A2 F | A/ B/ c3/ d/ | c/ A/ G3/ B/ | A2 d | c/ A/ F3/ G/ | A/ A/ A3/ F/ | G2 F | A/ B/ c3/ d/ | c/ B/ A3/ G/ | F2|]
w: Let Chris- tians all with one ac- cord re- joice, And prais- es sing, with heart as well as voice, To God on high, for glor- ious things He's done, In send- ing to us His be- lov ed Son.

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