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The Blasts Of Chill December

Found in Blasts_Of_Chill_64.abc from the Steve Merrony abc collection
The Blasts Of Chill December - staff notation
X: 0
T: The Blasts Of Chill December
Z: Rev. R. F. Smith
Z: Copyright © 2004 by Douglas D. Anderson
Z: Released To The Public Domain
L: 1/4
M: 4/4
Q: 1/4=90
V: P1 name="Staff"
%%MIDI program 1 19
K: F
[V: P1]  D | B (A/ G/) A ^F | G F E E | A3/ A/ G F | E2z E | F (G/ _A/) A G | G (_A/ B/) A F | F c B _A | G2z (c3/4 B/4) | A F D B | (A/ G/) (A/ B/) c c | c (B/ A/) G D | E2z c | c (A/ G/) F F | d (B/ A/) G c | (f/ c/) (B/ A/) G3/ F/ | F3|]
w: The blasts of_ chill De- cem ber sound The fare- well of the year, And night's swift_ sha- dows gath- 'ring_ round O'er cloud the soul with fear; But_ rest you well, good Christ-_ ian_ men, Nor be of_ heart for- lorn; De- cem ber's_ dark- ness brings a-_ gain The Light_ of_ Christ- mas morn.

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