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Rule Britannia. GS.030

Found in page 701 from the Village Music Project abc collection
Rule Britannia. GS.030 - staff notation
T:Rule Britannia. GS.030
C:Tune: Dr. Arne. Words: Thomson
S:George Spencer m/s, Leeds,1831
N:Differs slightly from a printed source (only one I have, 1916 Oxford
N:Song Book) - 5 phrases are slightly different, notes values in the OSB
N:are double these.
Z:vmp.Cherri Graebe
K:D major
A2 | d2d2 (d/2e/2f/2g/2) ad | e2 {e/2g/2} g2f2 z A |\
(d/2e/2d/2e/2) (f/2g/2f/2g/2) aefe | de/2f/2 ed c3 A |!
cAeA a^g/2f/2 e/2d/2c/2B/2 | A2"tr"B2A2z2 |\
dd>A BGz d | a>ged c2 z d | a2g2 f/2d/2g/2e/2 ad |!
A2"tr"e2d4 | \
f2 z f gg z f | g>fe>d c4 | a2g2 f/2d/2g/2e/2 ag | f2 "tr"e2 d2 |]

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