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 3/4 C       Syrjälän Kaapoon polska  [C]
 7/8 Gm      Syrtos
 7/8 Gm      Syrtos
 7/8 Gm      Syrtos
   C Cm      Syrtos from Samos
   C Dm      Syrtos from Samos
     C       Syrtos Hiotikos
 4/4 Ador    Syrtos Kritikos
 4/4 Ador    Syrtos Kritikos [Am]
 4/4 Ddor    Syrtos Kritikos [Dm]
 2/4 C       Syrtos: Psaropoula
 2/4 C       Syrtos: Psaropoula
 2/4 D       Syrtos: Psaropoula
 7/8 D       Syrtos Pylaias
 7/8 A       Syrtos Pyleas
 4/4 Dm      Syrtós - Simiótises  [Dm]
 4/4 Dm      Syrtos - Simiótises  [Dm]
 4/4 Em      Syrtós - Simiótises  [Em]
 4/4 Em      Syrtos - Simiótises  [Em]
     C       System Of a Down Aerials (3:51) - Shorai
     C       system_of_a_down-chop_suey (3:26)
 3/4 Gm      Systerpolska
 3/4 Gm      Systerpolska 1
 3/4 Gm      Systerpolska 1, variant
 3/4 Gm      Systerpolska 2
 3/4 D       Systerpolska efter Karns Hans Hansson
 3/4 D       Systerpolska från Orsa
 3/4 D       Systerpolska från Orsa
 3/4 G       Syster till Grafströms polska
 2/4 G       SYV SPRING
 2/4 A       Syvspring
 2/4 C       Szekely Friss
 2/2 G       Székely Friss
 2/2 G       Szekely Friss
 2/4 C       Szekely Friss
 2/4 C       Szenyeri paros
 2/4 C       Szenyeri paros
 2/4 C       Szenyeri paros
 3/4 G       Szeroki roweczek nie moge przeskoczyc
 3/4 A       Szla dziewczyna przez gaj do wody
 3/4 C       Szla dzieweczka
 3/4 D       Szla dzieweczka
 3/4 D       Szla dzieweczka
 3/4 C       Szła dzieweczka
 3/4 D       Szła dzieweczka
 3/4 C       Szła dzieweczka
 3/4 C       Szla dzieweczka
 3/4 D       Szla dzieweczka
 3/4 C       Szła dzieweczka (with harmony and "cuckoos")
 3/4 D       Szła dzieweczka (with harmony and "cuckoos")
 3/4 G       Szla Kasia do dunaju nozki myc
 3/4 F       Szla Kasia przez gaj do wody
 3/4 G       Szla Kasia przez gaj do wody
 3/4 E       Szla Kasia przez gaj do wody
 3/4 D       Szla Kasinka do wody do bystrego dunaju
 6/8 D       T001A- Carrick Fergues an Irish Reel (Small Pin
 6/8 D       T001B- Carrick Fergues New Set (Small Pin Cushion/
  C| Bb      T002A- Colledge Hornpipe, Thompson's 120
   C D       T002B- College Hornpipe, Chappell's PMOT
  C| D       T002C- Jack's the Lad
   C G       T003- Blair Drummond's Reel
  C| D       T004- Miss Flora McDonald's Reel
 3/4 G       T005A- Gye Fiane (Wild Geese)
 3/4 D       T005B- Old Ireland Rejoice (Wild Geese variant
 9/8 Am      T006- The Reel of Harden
 3/4 G       T008- Hardy Knute
 9/8 Gm      T009A- My name is old Hewson the Cobbler
 9/8 Gm      T009B- The Merry Beggers [Old Hewson the Cobbler]
 9/8 Gm      T009C- Tam Glen, SMM #296, 1790
 9/8 E       T010- Untitled - (Moll Roe in the Morning)
 6/8 D       T011A- Lastrumpony
   C Eb      T012- Name Unknown (Londonderry air) [Tune from
 6/8 D       T013A- The Miser
 6/8 D       T013B- The Parson & his Boots
 6/8 D       T013C- Murphy Delany
 6/8 D       T014A- The Irish Lilt
 6/8 D       T014B- The Priest in his Boots
  C| Am      T015A- More W Inghean Ghiberlan
  C| Am      T015B- Muire 'N Inghean Ghiberlan
 2/4 Adorian T015C- Moar Nein I Giberlan
   C D       T016- Rocks of Cashel
 6/8 A       T017- The Rakes of Cashell
 3/4 G       T018- Chiling O guiry (Sheela na Guira)
 9/8 D       T019- Shilling a Gig (Sheila na Gigg, Si/le na
 6/8 Dm      T020A- Johnny M.cGill
 6/8 Em      T020B- Rogue Erra Duff. The Black Rogue
 6/8 Dm      T020C- Blarney Castle (Johnny McGill/ Black Rogue)
 6/8 Bm      T020D- Basket of Oysters (Greensleeves/ Johnny
  C| Gm      T021A- The Drummer
 2/4 Bm      T021B- Good Morrow to Your Night Cap (in Poor
 6/8 G       T022A- Piss upon the Grass
 6/8 G       T022B- Miss Dawson's Hornpipe (Nancy Dawson, Piss
  C| Am      T023- Reel of Bogie
 2/4 D       T024A- The Gimblet
 2/4 D       T024B- Rose Tree (in full bearing)
   C G       T025A- St. Patrick's Day
 6/8 Dm      T026- St. Patrick's Day in the Evening
  C| D       T027- Kiss me quick, my mother's coming
 6/8 D       T028- Kiss me fast, my mother's coming
 6/8 Dm      T029A- Bonny Lass with the Short Apron
 6/8 Dm      T029B- The Short Apron
 3/4 Em      T029C- The Short Apron
   C F       T030A- The Moreen
 2/4 F       T030B- Moreen
   C F       T030C- The Tither Morn
 3/4 G       T031A- Yemon O Knock [Ned of the Hill]
 3/4 G       T031B- Yemon O knock or Ned of the Hill
 3/4 G       T031C- Yemon o Knock
 3/4 G       T031D- Emon O Knock
 3/4 F       T031E- Mor ni beg: no Eamon a cnoic
 3/4 G       T031F- Ned of the Hill
 6/8 Am      T031G- Emon Acnuck-Jig
   C E       T031H- Eamonn an Chnuic
 9/8 G       T032- Jockey has got him a wife
 2/4 D       T033A- The Cuckoo's Nest
   C Dm      T033B- Come Ashore, Jolly Tar
 6/8 A       T034- Paddy's Resource
 6/8 D       T035- The Irish Blanket
 6/8 A       T036- The Humours of Kilkenny
 6/8 G       T037- Irish Morshaw
 6/8 G       T038- Drogheda's March
 6/8 Edorian T039-  Rattle the Bottles
 6/8 Edorian T039-  Rattle the Bottles [2]
  C| G       T040A- The Tulip (The Wearing of the Green)
 2/4 F       T040B- Wearing of the Green
 6/8 D       T041- Wachara wera wee
  C| Amixoly T042- Lady Mc.Intoshe's Reel
 6/8 G       T043- Merrily Dance the Quaker
  C| C       T044- Jackie Stuart's New Reel [The Highlandman
 6/8 D       T045- The Irish Blanket
 6/8 G       T046- Cossey's Jig
 3/4 Em      T047A- The Old Jew
 3/4 Em      T047B- Curri Koun Dilich [Cean Dubh Dileas]
 6/4 Dm      T047C- Irish Round, or Kennington Wells
 6/4 Dm      T047C- Irish Round, or Kennington Wells
 9/4 G       T047D- Hey, my Kitten
 3/4 Dm      T047D- Oran Gaoil
   C G       T048- Will you go to Flanders (later, Gramachree
 6/8 D       T049- Padeen O Rafardee (Paddy O'Rafferty)
 6/8 D       T050- Paddy Whack
 9/8 D       T051- Paddy O'Snap
 6/8 G       T052- Paddy O'Carrol
  C| A       T053- Up and war them a' Willie
  C| G       T054- The Flower of Edinburgh
 6/8 G       T055- Hob or Nob [The Campbell's are coming]
 2/4 D       T056- Yanky Doodle
 6/4 Dm      T057A- The disappointed widow (Slow men of London)
 6/8 Dm      T057B- The Humours of Dublin
 6/8 G       T058A- Auld Bessy [Garryowen]
 6/8 Adorian T058B- Garry Owen.   Harlequin Amulet-- or Majic
  C| G       T059- The Wawking of the Faulds
  C| G       T059- The Wawking of the Faulds
 6/8 Em      T060- The Unfortunate Rake
 9/4 C       T061A- A New Song For young Mothers, & Nurses
 9/4 Gmixoly T061B- Yellow Stockings
 9/4 Gmixoly T061C- Yellow Stockings (Actually Mad Moll)
 9/8 Dm      T061E- Hey my kitten, my kitten
 9/8 Dmixoly T061F- Yellow Stockings (The Kitten in OFPC)
 6/8 Am      T062- The Gobby O
 6/8 G       T063A- Barley Sugar (Scots- Barley Cakes)
 6/8 G       T063B- Behind the Bush in the Garden
 6/8 G       T064- Steg Knetter'd at the Sneck Band'
 3/2 A       T065- The King's Head
  C| C       T066- Jakie Stewarts Reel [Or, Jackie Stuart's New
   C D       T067- The Wind that shakes the barley
 3/4 G       T201A-  Bessie Bell
 6/8 D       T201B- Bessy Bell and Mary Grey
   C Gmixoly T202-  Mary Gray
   C G       T203- The Dawning of the Day
   C G       T204A- Montrose Lyns
 3/4 Amixoly T204B- Chevy Chace
 3/4 Gmixoly T204C- Chevy Chase (long, Scots, in 6 line verses)
 3/4 G       T204D- William and Margaret
  C| A       T206- The Lads of Saltcots
 2/4 E       T207A- The Wild Irishman
 6/8 D       T207B- Norickystie or the Wild Irish Man.
  C| G       T208A- Renardine
   C G       T208B- The Mountains High
 2/4 Dm      Täällä Pohjantähden alla
 6/8 Dm      Täällä Pohjantähden alla
 2/4 Dm      Täällä Pohjantähden alla
 6/8 Am      Täällä Pohjantähden alla
 3/4 C       Ta'am Haman
 3/4 C       Taam Haman
 3/4 C       Ta'am Haman
 6/8 G       Ta an Coileach ag Fogairt an Lae
 6/8 G       Tá an Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae
 6/8 G       Ta an coileach ag fogairt an lae
 2/4 Edor ^A Tabanovachko Kolo
 9/8 G       Tabbias is the Grinder
 4/4 Gmaj    Tabby, The
 4/4 Gmaj    Tabby, The
 2/4 D       Tabby Cat* (polka), The
 6/8 Amix    Tabby in the Tub
 3/4 G       Tabby Tomcat
28/4 C ^9/8f Ta-be-key Sinemde
 3/4 G       Tabhair dom do l'amh
 3/4 G       Tabhair Dom Do Lámh
 6/4 G       Tabhair Dom Do La/mh

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