Crash, bang, wallop!

Apologies if you’ve had any difficulties accessing the website over the past couple of weeks.

It’s mostly been up, but I’ve been away on holiday in France (with only occasional internet access) and the site has crashed three or four times over that period.

And although the BBC Radio programme gave a welcome boost to traffic on the site, it was broadcast while I was away too, which didn’t help.

One crash was caused by yet another website copier (grrr!) and I’ve now taken steps to prevent this happening again.

I’m not absolutely sure what the other crashes were caused by, but I’m currently working on optimising memory usage in the server. That (together with some superglue¬† / krazy glue, the inside of a toilet roll and a couple of bits of sticking plaster over the worst crash locations) should help make it a lot more robust in future.


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