It’s amazing …

… the lengths people will go to in order to spam the website.

I have just deleted 51 messages from the forums, all promoting n*ke trainers in some way, all posted by the same user over the last couple of days.

Fortunately phpBB, the software that I use to run the forums, has that one covered – I was able to delete the user AND all their posts with one single click. Nice!

I’m guessing that the posts were generated and added automatically in some way and so (unfortunately) user lsx008881 probably didn’t spend hours composing and submitting them. Nonetheless, it was very satisfying to be able to delete the whole lot with very little effort (and without having to read them).

This blog is also getting a couple of spams a day – usually in the form of innocuous comments such as “that’s really interesting” or “great work”, but containing a signature which links to a website advertising viagra or something similar.

Fortunately, they are also easy to consign to the bit-bucket in the corner.

But it’s still a surprise that, since relaunching the website a month and a half ago, most of the learning curve has had to do with fending off website pirates, rather than improving it for people who are actually interested in abc notation.

Anyway … run out the guns … stand by to repel boarders …


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