Copyright first

When I originally set up the tune search I planned not to display copyright tunes.

Apart from the fact that I believe copyright should always be respected, I’ve already had one publisher pursuing me for royalties on tunes which were actually displayed on a different website.

However, folk and traditional musicians are often generous with their tunes and I figured that if the copyright creator didn’t mind me displaying their music here then I would do so.

Accordingly the copyright page has always mentioned that possibility and I’m delighted to say that the first candidate has stepped up.

Bruce Osborne, who’s been a prolific tune-smith since the sixties, contacted me to say that he’d be happy for his tunes to appear on this site and so now they do. You can find all 274 of them (at the latest count) by clicking here.

Please enjoy his music.


PS If anyone else would like to display their tunes here, please contact me.

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